Seattle Night Sky

Seattle might look like any other port city in America. Each day millions of tons of trade, travelers, and money move through it, and most of its people pay little notice to the hundreds of things that make Seattle just a little off center. Bottom line; Seattle is strange!

What don’t believe me? Ever wonder why the water front is several hundred feet above the water? Or why Seattle has a per capita rate of artists almost 20 times the national average? Maybe this one will get you; despite having one of the highest average salaries, and one of the lowest divorce rates in the nation, Seattle leads the country in suicides. So is all this just coincidence or is their a more sinister force at work here?

Would it interest you to know that the Seattle waterfront has miles upon miles of underground tunnels, and that despite having sections boarded off for decades, the building, or perhaps more accurately the mass of buildings that house the Pike’s Place fish market is both the oldest and largest indoor “mall” in the world. Now consider that the West Edmonton mall covers over 20 acres, and “The Market” covers only 5. Where is that record setting space? Consider also that 12 people went missing over the last decade in The Market; see Seattle is strange.

Despite the hundreds of Artists that make it big each year thousands struggle on under the gloom of the Seattle sky. What draws them here? Why do they stay? Some claim that the weather calls to the tortured nature of artists and that they draw some source of creativity from it. I have even heard tales of people finding their muse on the water drenched streets of this fair city. The only thing I am sure of is that this only adds to the already tortured nature of this city, some days I swear it’s not rain but the tears of the city herself.

All of these things are not nearly as bad as the darkness that sets in for winter. Between the rain and the long nights a fella could go months with out seeing the sun. And in that darkness a hunger grows. It grows until it consumes the soul, feasting on the hopeless and the destitute; hidden by the shadows. Some times the darkness wins, but the darkness always wins when good men choose to do nothing.

~Keepers of the Light

This paper received the preceding letter from an unknown source last night. We have been unable to substantiate the claim of 12 missing persons with the Seattle PD, however we have located several news articles which appear to lend credence the claim presented by these “Keepers of Light.”

Additionally in the 1920 edition of the “Guinness Book of World Records” The Market was listed as being 1.2 million square feet. We find this claim impossible to believe as that would indicate that, based on the size of The Market today, the build was 15 stories and only five of those stories still stand today.

We at the Seattle Tribune believe that this is little more than a work of fiction with elements of truth meant to incite public interest. Perhaps the publicity stunt was instituted by the Seattle Chamber of Commerce itself. ~Seattle Tribune

To: The Editor

We at the Seattle Chamber of Commerce had nothing to do with the stunt perpetrated against your news paper. We do agree that such sensational activities might in fact increase tourism. However as much as we wish we had come up with the idea ourselves, we did not. Please print a retraction to your previous statement. We look forward to hearing more about this weirdness of Seattle, but suggest you publish it under the title of fiction.

Respectfully Yours, Sean Jones Chairperson, Seattle Chamber of Commerce

The Gloom Over Seattle