The Gloom Over Seattle

Ep2/16: The Lead

Second Session

The Lead

So this time we found a lead and we all followed it into the den of the mean and possibly magical “Black Dogs” biker gang. The first group went in stealthy to see if they could scrounge up some info on the whereabouts of the girl, but before any questions can be asked in storms the second group with its authority blazing. Then started the battle of wits. on one side the FBI, the other the leader of one of the nastiest biker gangs in Seattle. It wasn’t pretty… and just as it started to heat up (literally even), the somewhat over protective bodyguard throws in some lead and the slightly overzealous wizard pours on the blind and turns the whole bar into a furnace in the process. Needless to say we were unable to find the girl and are more likely then not looking for a place to lay low for a day or two or a week… Hey I heard there was a sanitarium that is being haunted by some pesky ghosties… maybe they need some help.



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