Max Tristian

  • High Concept: Were-moutain-lion
  • Trouble: No good deed goes unpunished

My Dad abused my mom. I know poeple say that but this was different these were beathings. I can recall hiding in my room hearing her scream. I’d leave sometimes for days and hide in the woods behind our house. I’d pretend I would listen to the animals and talk to them. One day they talked back.

  • My best friends are animals

I told my forest friends everything. I told them about my father and why I was hiding. Danson, my mountain lion friend, was enraged. She said such things were not part of the narural order. She left, bounding away with speed I could not match. When I returned to my home I found one of the windows broken and Danson was circling my drunken father. He was holding one of the pokers from the fire and waving it wround trying to keep her away. With agle grace she struck at his leg, driving him to the floor. Once he was on the ground she moved to his neck for the killig blow. I called out to her, begging her to stop to let him live. I threw myself on her pulling her back. my father… the man who abused my mother… the snake who had made my life miserable… just lay there terrified. “Leave… leave now!!!” I screamed.

  • I take care of my friends and they take care of me.

I continued to spend time in the woods learning what I could. I learned how to listen to the world around me, to hunt, to track, and finally when she thought I was ready Danson taught me ehat it was the be a mountain lion. To move as a prediator does and what it ment to be part of the natural world. Right now you have to be wondering what some country hick is doing in Seattle. Well the short part of this story is I needed a job and there isn’t much work in eastern Washington. I’ve held several jobs, nothing fit. UNtil I answered an add at the woodland park zoo. During the first month I was there 4 animals attacked their handlers. This was twice the number of attacks from the previous year. Apearently that was why there was a job opening. Something here was strange, there was just an odd smell about the place. I tracked the unusual feeling to the parks main water source. Someone was trying to posion the animals water. A brief investigation with the help of my new friends let me to a disgruntled ex-employee who was trying to enrage the animals in order to get someone killed.

  • I can smell trouble a mile away


Max Tristian

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