Description: This intelligent lady has large blue eyes with no disenable pupils which are speckled with gold making them appear like two chunks of lapis lazuli. Her silky, wavy, moss green hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a gush of water. She has a long, elegant, finned body that resembles a small whale. Her skin is a light blue with green fins and spines and has a beautiful green and blue snake like pattern running down her back. She has fined ears with spines and small row of webbed spines for eyebrows. Her wardrobe is bizarre, and is mostly white on the front and dark in the back. She usually wears a dark cloak that looks to be woven of seaweed.

  • High Concept: “I love what I do.”
  • Other aspects: “I must do what I can for my people.”

Face of: The merfolk are a peaceful people who are great at hiding from the world. They found out earl on the consequences of being seen by the wrong humans, nearly hunted to extinction in some parts of the world. Since the old days they has hid and hid well. Though in more recent times, with the human constantly pouring hazard upon hazard into the oceans, they have open relations with those humans who are part of the supernatural community. They have, over a matter of a few years, established booming shipping and trade relations and have also founded new policies for giving and receiving foreign aide around the globe.

High Concept: “I love what I do.” She is the new merfolk-human relations liaison officer. She took over for predecessor get a few months age when he fell ill do to an assignment that took him to close to the oil spill site. Though still a bit skittish with outsiders, she is fearless in her dedication to her new position and will never abandon her duties no matter how bad things might appear.

Motivation: “I must do what I can for my people.” Not only is she dedicated to her new position but she has a fierce love for her people and hates that they might be suffering at the unwitting hands of the humans. She sometime wishes she could go to all the humans; get them to stop encroaching on the oceans and even start up relations with them. Not everybody agrees with her radical points of view and would have her buried in administrations.


  • +Great friends with the traders
  • +Knows a member of the white council
  • -People of importance in her government see her as a high risk of exposure


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