St James Cathedral


Father Ryan’s Church


We are the Cathedral for the Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle and its Archbishop, the Most Reverend Alexander J. Brunett. We are also a parish church for a vibrant faith community with a long history that reaches back to Seattle’s early days.

We are an inner-city parish with an outreach to many who live on the edge of poverty and loneliness. We are a diverse community that welcomes, accepts, and celebrates the differences we all bring. We exist in the heart of the city, yet sometimes our parishioners come from considerable distances to worship here.

St. James Cathedral is a crossroads where ideas and challenges both old and new are explored in the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our Cathedral is also the center for many cultural and ecumenical events which both reflect and help to shape a vital metropolitan community.

Above all, St. James Cathedral is a community of prayer.

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St. James Cathedral

St James Cathedral

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